Sunday, June 18, 2017

playing catch up (again!)


getting used to early church

 My Grandpa came into town for a long visit. The kids loved getting to bond with their Papa Joe.

 We spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Uncle Stevie and Aunt Shianne got the girls matching track suits for Christmas.

 These two love getting into mischief together.


 I found some Emily selfies on my phone :)

 Addie keeping dry


Collecting "wishing flowers"

 helping Nala dig

 One of the best things about early church is the afternoon snuggles ;)

the girls all showed up to church ballet in their spring pastels

Bluebonnet pictures


We got a new swingset and Addie thought prepping the ground was the best job in the world!

One of the girls' favorite activities is looking through their baby books

This is why Addie's hair is so crazy most of the time! It starts out looking cute each day, but she never leaves her hair ties in!

Emily's getting really good at sounding out and spelling words on her own.

my favorite view!

My sister had her baby at the end of April and we've loved getting to spend time with her!

snuggle time!


Emily had her very first ballet recital. She did great and wasn't even the slightest bit nervous! Now she does "performances" around the house constantly and can't wait to perform for real again!

sometimes these girls are affectionate toward each other... holding hands across mommy's lap

Addie now thinks every time she gets out of the pool she's supposed to have a popsicle

Emily finished up preschool and we had a fun field day to celebrate!

Sunday night chats with Grandma Barb

 Everyone always says Emily looks more like a Parker and Addie is more of a Zinn. My sister came across this picture of me when I was little and we can tell that Addie definitely has some of her mama in her ;)

best buds!

Memorial Day