Sunday, May 21, 2017

holiday round up

Time for some more catch up! I looked back and realized that I have FOUR holidays that I have not blogged about! Not to mention all of the other stuff in between. But that will have to wait until another day because for now I'm just getting the holiday stuff up here ;)


The girls woke up to the traditional heart attacks on their doors and valentine's buckets. We had a special breakfast, a valentine party at preschool, and heart shaped pizza for dinner.

daddy was working late in his busy season so we were able to sneak a heart attack on his mirror

we decorated cupcakes for part of our preschool party

Addie partied a little too hard!

the pizza man even brought us a rose!


We didn't go all out for St. Patrick's Day this year, even though it's one of my favorites. It was over spring break, so we did a little bit of a celebration at preschool the week before. We did make some themed treats on the actual day, but I only got pictures of one of them. I had a festive dinner planned, but we decided to go out to eat and get ice cream instead ;) It was just as fun!


We LOVE Easter!! I'm so glad it was later this year so we could spend more time celebrating it! We decorated eggs, had two Easter egg hunts (one was a friend's birthday party and the other was just the cousins on Easter Sunday), made lots of Easter treats, and spent a lot of time learning about Christ and His atonement and resurrection. Emily seems to get it a little more each year and enjoyed teaching Addie all about it!

making our favorite Cadbury egg cookies

Emily loved teaching Addie with our resurrection eggs

so proud of their glitter eggs!

Easter sugar cookies!

impossible to get both looking and smiling!

ready for the spoon race!

Easter morning!

resurrection rolls

^this was a really fun tradition we started this year. It's called The Easter Story Egg. It's a nesting egg that you start on Palm Sunday and every day you open another egg and read a poem that goes along with it. We loved it! The girls really looked forward to opening the egg each day.

*I would also recommend the Easter creche. I didn't get a picture this year, but it's basically like a nativity for Easter. We love having some Easter decor that isn't all bunny-themed and reminds the girls why we celebrate Easter!


I had a fabulous Mother's Day! Grant and the girls spoiled me with breakfast in bed and I didn't have to lift a finger all day! I'm one lucky momma! These girls can definitely make life crazy sometimes, but man am I glad that I get to be their mom. There's nothing better!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fleming's Baby Shower

We recently hosted a baby shower for my sister, Fleming. She has 2 1/2 year old twin boys and is expecting a GIRL at the end of this month! Fleming LOVES the color purple and has always looked forward to having a girl that she can deck out in purple. You should see her cute purple nursery ;) So when it came time to throw her baby shower, it was obvious what the theme would be! We had a great time with lots of friends!

 ^the kids' treats!

Hudson helped open EVERY present!

 Shout out to our favorite photographer! We love you Kaity (and baby Chloe)!